Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thirsty Thursday!

First, I have to apologize on Luke's behalf.  I didn't proof-read his entire part of the post yesterday, and he always counts on me to do that.  Yesterday, I only skimmed over it and started working on my half of the post.  One of his friends pointed out his poor grammar and lack of detail so Luke asked me if I'd read it.  I admitted that I hadn't and his response was "you know I don't pay much attention to what I'm typing.  I rely on you to check behind me."  Oops... :)

It's finally Thursday so that means it's time for a drink to celebrate the upcoming weekend!!

Luke made this drink last weekend, and I really enjoyed it but it's strong.  I was seeing double by the time I emptied my glass.  ;)  I think this recipe should be for 2 servings instead of 1, but he disagrees.  This drink is delicious but like I said, it's strong so use your own discretion.  

The picture looks a lot like last week's drink but the taste is very different.  I'm obsessed with pear vodka right at the moment so don't be surprised to see a lot drink recipes with that as the main ingredient.

This is called the Peachy Pear Martini.

4 oz. pear vodka
2 oz. peach schnapps
2 oz. cranberry juice

Pour all of the ingredients into a shaker with ice.  Shake to combine and pour into a martini glass.


Spicie Foodie said...

What a great cocktail!

jamieo82 said...

Thanks Nancy!! I wanted to let you know Luke and I made your Potato and Poblano Pepper Tacos and they were AMAZING!!!



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