Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cook-off...Who Won It???

So here we are, our first meat vs. non-meat cook-off for the blog!  I have to say Jamie's whatever she is making has no chance to my Grilled Chicken Stuffed with Sundried Tomato, Calamata Olives and Feta Cheese recipe.  I think the Grecians would actually like this combo.

I had 3 big boneless chicken breast that were thawed and then I butterflied them.  It's really optional to marinade the chicken or just season the outside with you favorite Greek seasoning or favorite herbs.  But I will rundown the marinade quickly:

3 tablespoons of the olive oil out of the sundried tomato jar
about 1/4 cup of finely chopped sundried tomatoes out of the same jar
1 tablespoon of Salt and Black Pepper
1/2 of a squeezed lemon
2 tablespoons of Greek seasoning or Italian Seasoning (favorite seasonings)
Marinate this a few hours or marinate over night
Feta cheese stuffing mixture"
6 oz of feta cheese
2 tablespoons of sundried tomato chopped
2 tablespoons of Calamata Olives

Once the mixture is fully mixed, then pull out the chicken breast and then thin them out a little.  Then spoon a couple of tablespoons of stuffing onto the chicken and roll the chicken up.  I used my Char-broil infared grille and cooked for approx. 40 minutes.  You can also bake, pan sear or use your regular grill of choice. 

I used my Char-broil Infared Grille and cooked for approx. 40 minutes.  You can also bake, pan sear or use any grill of your choice. 

Thanks for the vote of confidence Luke, and by the way, you know exactly what I'm making because I eat this at least once a week.  I'm not going to deny your chicken is delicious.  I haven't eaten it in about 2 years but I remember how good it is.  However, mine is pretty tasty too! 

In place of Luke's Grecian Chicken recipe is my Sundried Tomato California Turk'y "burgers".  The Grillers California Turk'y burgers are my favorite out of all of the Morning Star Farms products.  These are a staple in our house.  I always have at least 2 boxes of these in the freezer.

The sundried tomato spread and sundried tomatoes with herbs are also a staple.  I've always got several jars of each in the refrigerator and in our pantry.  There are so many great recipes you can make using these!

My Sundried Tomato California Turk'y "burger":

2 tbsp. sundried tomato spread
2 tbsp. sundried tomatoes with herbs

First, you brown both sides of the frozen Turk'y "burger" in a pan with cooking spray.  I spoon about 2 tablespoons of the sundried tomato spread onto one Fold It Flatout Flatbread which I use as the bun.  I place the browned Turk'y burger onto one side of the flatbread, and then spoon the cheese and sundried tomatoes on top of the "burger".  For the cheese, I've tried it with sharp cheddar, provolone and mozzarella cheese and I think all taste great with this.

Next fold the other side of the flatbread over the "burger" and brown both sides of the flatbread.

Then enjoy! :)




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